Books and Butterflies 3

Books and Butterflies 3, 2016

22″ x 34″

“Still life painting gives me an opportunity to concentrate solely on the abstract beauty of form, color and texture. Here, the narrative elements that might be part any figurative work need not apply. Rather than have a lot of different objects involved, I tend to focus my still life subjects on just one or two kinds of objects for the sake of simplicity and unity of effect. The books series for instance began purely as an exercise in form and color design using one type of object, books. The challenge then becomes in pulling out as much interest, invention and beauty that I can from what is really a very ordinary thing.”

Peonies and Butterfly

Peonies and Butterfly

18" x 24"
Books and Butterflies 5

Books and Butterflies 5

14" x 18"
Precarious, 20 x 14, 2008


20" x 14"
Oil and Gas, 26 x 29, 2008

Oil and Gas

26" x 29"