National Gallery of London

National Gallery, London, 2018

34″ x 46″

“This is part of a series I’ve been doing for many years, depicting people looking at paintings. This painting shows one of the largest galleries in the National Gallery of London, it is an immense, breathtaking room. The view I’ve painted is only from about the midway point in the room.

I enjoy the idea of doing paintings within paintings, of capturing the attitudes of people looking at art and becoming unconsciously, part of a work of art themselves. Museums are rich with so many wonderful spaces to search out, some intimate little rooms that only see a handful of visitors a day and others like this grand salon which are the centerpiece of it all.”

Other Figures & Interiors Paintings

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4th Street Billiards

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The Exhibition-24x36-Steven-J-Levin

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Other Recent Paintings

image of books

Books and Butterflies, #7

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Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker as Darth Vader

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The Sailboat

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